Fully automated transport of goods and products will transform our world over the next 5 years. The beesy project from LOGIBALL is helping to shape this trend.

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In the context of digitisation which continues apace, goods transport is increasing in importance. The constant challenge of transporting goods more quickly, at less cost, and with greater fuel efficiency is guiding us into a new era of driverless vehicles. LOGIBALL has spent more than 20 years developing solutions to bring the start of this new era closer. This expertise has paved the way for beesy.


Our objective is to make all components for scaling available in the key markets, enabling beesy to operate in them. The focus is on a diversity of business models, from service and white label products in B2B, B2C through to the C2C sector.


We are already several steps down the road, with certain important developments behind us: the concept and draft design phases have been finalised, and beesy is now a registered trademark. The necessary software solutions are available with the localion platform, supporting fast implementation of the pilot phase.


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  • Length: 1300 mm
  • Width: 770 mm
  • Height: 950 mm


  • Speed: 0-15 km/h (maximum 30 km/h)
  • Payload: 100 kg
  • Cargo box module: 950 x 600 x 750 mm
  • Range: +50 km
  • Operating temperature: -20° to 50°C