LOGIBALL is developing a technology stack for use of artificial intelligence.

AI is everywhere

The issue of artificial intelligence is currently a hot topic in the media. There is scarcely a section of the media in which it does not appear: film, TV, literature, print.


The tone of the coverage suggests that AI is revolutionising business processes and will lead to huge rises in productivity and therefore lower costs. Sometimes it seems as though artificial intelligence can solve any problem.


It is worth looking more closely at AI though, to see what really lies behind this technology. This is what Logiball has done in order to devise its own strategies and implement new solutions.


With localion AI, we are developing a technology stack and the expertise to find a new way of handling location data with the help of artificial intelligence.


We first separated the constructive and practical content from the research and visionary topics.


The result is a clear recommendation to our customers, and an offer of practical solutions which reflect the best of both worlds. Solutions do not always need to be based on AI, as sometimes a good database query does the job.


There’s no doubt however that artificial intelligence has the potential in future to radically change the world. New ground is being broken in countless business processes and in particular with regard to products which require location data.


Autonomous driving, transport robots, drones and many other areas of application are ripe for development.


? Can AI solve the update problem of digital environmental models
? What can AI, in whatever form, reveal about location data – lanes, lowered kerbs, parking zones, drop-off zones, etc.
? Can AI create content for the virtual world, and in doing so massively reduce costs and accelerate processes for training and testing
? Can AI construct navigation maps by itself from many different data streams, and do it for all roads worldwide
? Can AI detect errors in location data faster than any person and existing processes
? Can AI solve dispatching problems quicker and in a more holistic way
? Can we create a universal AI system which knows the answer to any question regarding whereabouts
? Will Google be replaced by an omniscient location intelligence system

There are many questions and many answers which we are addressing within our research department.


It goes without saying that we will also find the right answers for you. Come and talk to us.