The localion platform supports the digital transformation of companies.

The localion platform is part of the DIGITAL CORE - the digital image of your business world. And if a solution is missing, we will quickly and accurately develop a web application for you that exactly covers your use case.

Spatial intelligence

Powering your ERP, CRM, SCM, Order Management, Field Service Management.


Digital image of your business world and fast and unerring web application development.

Industry specific maps

This often makes digitization possible in the first place.

DSVGO and service requirement

The localion platform is also the solution if your location data is sensitive.



- Routing
- Flexible route profiles - from pedestrians to - cars and ambulances to trucks and combine harvesters
- Individual routes
- Tour calculations for any number of destinations
- Detailed route statistics
- Route geometry and turn-by-turn instructions
- Optimization
- Matrices calculations - whether 10x10 or 1000x1000
- Optimization of tour routes - even with more than 1000 destinations
- Ideal positioning of customers in inventory tours - in order to be able to serve spontaneous orders with as little effort as possible
- Travel time and distance based optimization possible
- Mapping
- Detailed map display



- Card design freely configurable
- Map tiles for display in GIS systems and WebApps
- Create overview maps for entire regions
- Geocoding
- Find coordinate to an address
- Addresses to a coordinate
- Addresses in a postal code area
- Free text and form-based searches
- Infrastructure
- LOGIBALL xMaps can be used
- Flexibly scalable to handle very high performance and parallelism requirements
- Self-hosted or hosted by LOGIBALL possible
- Central management of the entire infrastructure

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Use Cases


When a digital world matching reality pushes scheduling to a new level of confidence and satisfaction


+ Schedule reliable field service appointments with the best traffic information - self-learning, predictive and in real time
+ increase customer touch time by connecting FSM to the real world out there
+ use precise traffic information for individual vehicle types
+ maximize effectiveness of your SAP FSM installation by a ready-to-use cloud service
+ delight your field force and your customers by next gen smart dynamic routing

Starting Point

The SAP Field Service Management solution considers many different constraints in scheduling mobile work forces. Drive times - as being one of the critical factors - are derived from a static routing service not considering the actual traffic predictions for the planning times. This may in practice lead to service teams running into foreseeable delays (congested roads and rush-hour traffic, road work, etc.) on their ways to the next jobs causing unnecessary delays or in some cases even the need to reschedule.


With localion® smart routes for SAP FSM LOGIBALL offers an optional routing service incorporating most realistic drive times for the SAP FSM scheduling engine. Based on our powerful localion® platform technology with real-time and historical traffic data incorporated to get best traffic predictions possible. These types of data streams are currently mainly in use in dynamic navigation apps in the automotive industry and offer almost global coverage meanwhile. On demand, additional services can be added like severe weather warnings, parking search time, etc.

Service package

SAP end users can order localion® smart routes for SAP FSM directly at LOGIBALL. The connection is very simple by configuration in the SAP FSM backend.


Exact calculation of freight costs for routes with off-road sections


+ Correct billing of kilometre-based transport costs across all road categories, including private roads
+ Easy system integration via Service API
+ One-off annual payment for use of localion B, regardless of the number of transactions

Starting Point

The timber industry commissions transport providers on an ongoing basis, to transport timber from forest to plant. Transport services are billed by the service providers through SAP based on the number of kilometres. Calculating the kilometres covered by the transport company is a real challenge, as the loading point is rarely on public roads, and generally in forests. This means that vehicles must often travel for several kilometres on private roads and routes only suitable for trucks. These are not covered by conventional routing solutions, but still have to be billed.


Start point and end point are transferred from the SAP system via a service API, and the kilometres covered according to road category then returned to SAP. A localion B backend was created for the customer in the cloud. A special navigation map for the timber industry ensures that the routing is correct. This navigation map will also be used a thousand times over in the LOGIBALL Business Navigator Forestry system, which is why the solution was so readily accepted by transport companies.

Service package

The system was installed, tested and supplied to the customer by LOGIBALL. Access to the service is provided via the service API.


Web app allows easy editing of the map for route calculation benefits


+ Planning based on real-world scenarios, and therefore properly cost-optimised
+ Route planning can react flexibly to changes in the actual situation
+ User-friendly and self-explanatory map editing
+ Planning system readily accepted

Starting Point

Good planning of optimal routes for delivery runs to private customers is absolutely vital due to the cost situation. The key factor here is how well the data basis – in this case the road map – reflects reality. Every day there are changes to the road network, whether through roadworks, road blocks, diversions, etc. Company-specific issues can also affect the selected route, for example through roads not being used because of risk factors. It is crucial here that these changes are integrated into the planning systems as quickly as possible.


Various changes to the European road network can be made for around 200 employees through a web application. After registering and reviewing these changes, they are factored into the localion B backend for all future queries via the service API. If the base map, in this case TomTom, needs to be updated, these changes are automatically reconciled and taken into consideration once more.

Service package

The solution has been developed, installed, tested and provided by LOGIBALL. Access is provided through a web application, which is extremely user-friendly. LOGIBALL also monitors system operation.


Why localion platform? Why not Google Maps or OSM?

There are many reasons why localion platform is preferred over Google Maps:

  • Handling of sensitive data – GDPR, security policy
  • Performance in the private cloud
  • Special requirements of routing
  • Persistence of API call results
  • Special quality requirements
  • Business processes which do not burden consumers
  • Direct points of contact in service and support
  • Adaptability of web services
  • Control of the update process
  • Full source code transparency
  • Self-hosting as a paradigm in critical applications
  • Specification of the data supplier, even several at the same time: TomTom, Here, OSM
  • Use of special industry-specific navigation maps for forestry, emergency services, rail networks, indoor scenarios, site maps and much more Forst, Rettungswesen, Schienennetze, Indoor, Sitemaps und mehr
  • Availability of an offline mobile component (localion M) M)
  • Competition aspects
  • Industry-related aspects
  • Billing model


For OSM, there are other points to consider in addition to the above:

  • Infection risk to data, arising from special licensing terms
  • Highly heterogenous surface data
  • Missing content


Come and talk to us. If we feel that an alternative such as Google Maps or Here offers a better solution, we will tell you. That’s a promise!

Are the ongoing costs for localion platform much higher?
The lower the transaction volume and special requirements, the more likely it is that Google Maps' running costs will be lower. However, this changes quickly as requirements and transaction volumes increase.

Prices for a localion platform installation start at €10k. High-performance installations can be in the six-figure euro range per year as a complete package with data, service and support, depending on the use case.

Is an investment in localion platform future-proof?
We are working successfully to ensure that our solutions support the development of fully automated transportation of people and goods.

We fill the buzzword digitization, which can be heard everywhere, with content.

We offer this service to our customers on a very sustainable basis. Some have been using our know-how for over 15 years.