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For more than 10 years we have offered our localion navigator as a turnkey navigation solution with thousands of customers. The localion navigator is used predominantly in the forestry sector, energy suppliers, and by the emergency services. Special navigation maps for the relevant industry are a key benefit.

Selected Features

Professional navigation application with industry-specific navigation maps for Android and Windows
High-performance interfaces for collaboration with order management and telematics systems
Truck option incorporates a number of other options
Routes with several stops and hidden intermediate points
A range of routing options and vehicle profiles
Destination entered by address, POI, coordinates, clicking in the map
Driving time, arrival time, journey length, speed can be entered
2D/3D view
Lane assistant
Journey log
Speed limit indicator
Traffic information
Alternative routes
Simulation mode
Time restrictions considered
POI search along route
Easily integrated additional databases with information
Straightforward importing of your own customer data, POIs and order/run lists
Option to add and transfer up-to-date road closures
Can be fully modified with the supplied configuration tool
Ergonomically intuitive control supports compliance with Section 23 Road Traffic Act (Straßenverkehrsgesetz, “StVO”)
Voice output and map presentation

Use Cases

The localion Navigator with the special navigation map Forestry supports forest fire fighting and the forest rescue chain

The localion Navigator is the professional navigation solution especially for the high demands of the fire brigade, police and emergency services, who also have to navigate unerringly and precisely away from public roads. The Forestry navigation map includes both, classic road navigation and the contents of the forest fire protection map, making it
an ideal instrument for fighting forest fires.


+ Integration of contents of forest fire protection maps into professional navigation applications
+ Quality-assured special navigation map Forestry with all navigable forest trails (Navlog)
+ Continuous updating of the content, especially the rescue points
+ BOS-specific routing options

Starting point

Due to climate change, forest fires are becoming increasingly common. The last two dry summers in particular have ensured that forest fire fighting has become a key issue in Germany. LOGIBALL has been consistently developing the Navigator for over ten years, based on industry-specific requirements and is now available as an app for Android smartphones and tablets especially for fighting forest fires and the forest rescue chains.


The Forestry navigation map with the classified forest paths from the Navlog includes both, the classic road navigation and the contents of the forest fire protection map and is therefore an ideal instrument for fighting forest fires. The destination can be entered using an address, POI (e.g. rescue point), WGS and UTM coordinates , by clicking on the map or via the interface directly from the control center. The truck-option takes into account the corresponding restrictions in the forest and on the public road. The additional integration of user POI, and line or area geometries, such as a detailed water layer, ensures optimal digitization of the contents of the forest fire protection map and other sources.

Service package

The software solution is available as an app for Android and for Windows operating systems.
LOGIBALL offers a complete bundle based on a rugged 8-inch tablet with IP67 from Samsung with a professional active holder and vehicle-specific fastening clip.
Please contact your contact person for further information:


Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Sbikowski;
Tel. 02323-925-584
email: Thomas.Sbikowski@logiball.de


Optimisation of timber supply chain


+ Passenger car and truck navigation in forests specially adapted to NLF requirements
+ Quality-assured NLF special navigation map with all forest tracks suitable for vehicles, forestry departments, forestry-specific POIs, emergency rescue points
+ Regular integration of change information from the forestry administration
+ Long-term support, service and maintenance model

Starting point

The NLF wants to optimise the costs of timber supply and timber logistics as a whole in collaboration with contractors. The Forestry localion navigator holds the key, together with a validated navigation map. Cords are only stacked on classified routes and tracks approved for timber removal. localion navigator is also used by timber haulage companies to improve timber supply, and not least, for efficient cord removal.


Starting point is the forest track data from the internal NLF databases. The initial data is given attributes required for navigation, and is repeatedly checked for quality. To assist the process, localion Q creates analysis layers to make the data easier for NLF staff to handle. A NLF navigation map compiled by merging both databases is then created from the NLF forest track data and current HERE road data in the LOGIBALL map fusion process. This navigation map is compiled for use in the LOGIBALL localion navigator and regularly updated.

Service package

The customer receives a complete navigation software package for Windows and Android, and the special NLF navigation map. In the case of the Windows version, pre-installed hardware is also supplied. Regular updates are also made and the customer has access to the highly regarded LOGIBALL support service.


I have a problem with the localion navigator. How does the support service work?
Our service is a selling point for follow-on investment, a fact underlined by customer testimonials. We think that the ability to handle your queries regarding our product is just as important as the product itself.

That is why our phone support centre is located right next to the development department and not in an outsourced call centre. When you call us, you’ll speak directly to a representative, not a machine. We will then sort out your problem.
This is all part and parcel of our service – because in the end, it’s all about your business.

Can I transfer individual changes to the road networks to localion navigator?
We are working on this. The solution is already in place for localion B and prototypes are also out there for localion M.

Changes to the road network can be easily integrated through a web application. These changes then only apply to your company or institution.
These changes are then promptly distributed through the mobile network to your organisation’s Business Navigators via our backend.

These changes are then factored into the next route.
Changes to the map are saved. When the navigation receives an update, these changes will still be reflected without having to re-enter them.

I have an order management system. Can I integrate localion navigator?
Yes. There are a number of interfaces already being used by partner companies.
We are happy to help you link Business Navigator to your order management system. This can usually be done quickly, giving your order management system an edge over your competitors.
We are also happy to discuss marketing Business Navigator under your own label. Our main focus is navigation.