There are very few companies worldwide who have the depth of expertise to tackle the challenge of maps for mobility solutions. We are one of these companies.


We believe that mobility of people and goods will be fully automated within the not-too-distant future. We also believe that we need to restructure the world into bits and bytes to make this work, in real time and in the cloud. Fed by billions of sensors, this digital environment will have all the answers regarding correct position, the best route and the lowest risk. The quality of information is therefore of crucial importance to the process.

Location matters… more than ever.


Founded more than 20 years ago as a spin-off of a Fraunhofer Institute, LOGIBALL has always been fascinated by the subject of maps and their potential use in the field of mobility.

Since then, innovation and LOGIBALL have been synonymous. Starting in 1994 with the first navigation systems in the European automotive industry, through the birth of the mobile navigation system market at discount store ALDI in 2002, Google Maps which opened the door to mass use of digital maps, crowd-mapping platforms like OSM, and the current emergence of a new generation of maps in the age of autonomous driving and robotics.


We quickly grasp the requirements of the map which are set by your use cases, and understand how these are best met – that is a real added value.

We do not simply tell you what you want to hear. Agile software development and processing of map data worldwide several times a year guarantees practical solutions. You can of course use our own solutions to solve your problem – though you don’t have to – because in today’s markets, speed is often of the essence.


Dr. Roger Müller

Managing Director/CEO

Bodo von Unruh

General manager / COO
Director of Engineering Services

Dietmar Senkbeil

Director of Enterprise Solutions

Gregor Badura

Director of Data Analytics